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Optimal employment now and in the future

Sustainable Employment must serve to prepare organisations for the years to come to overcome the negative impacts of an ageing workforce and shortage in the labour market. Bijl&Reuser is passionate in its believe that Sustainable Employment constitutes the optimal stewardship of people resources and their career: from their first workday until their retirement. This can be employment in their current function with their current employer, but also in the wider labour market.

Employers will benefit from making strenuous efforts toward the sustainable employability of their people, for the benefit of the continuity of the company. We believe it is wise to ask yourself questions such as: “will I still be able to motivate and connect with my current employees in five years’ time?” And, “how can I make sure that people with little scope or opportunity to progress leave my company in a good way?” Optimal and sustainable employment takes care of healthy, motivated, flexible, and productive employees during their entire working career.

In Bijl&Reuser’s vision, sustainable employment of employees is determined by four pillars: organisation culture, vitality, work situation, and career. The development of a successful policy for sustainable employment requires investments in all four pillars. It is not a new policy, but it builds on existing elements within the organisation. To us, sustainable employment is the responsibility of the employer and employee.

Bijl&Reuser offer support with mapping out where the company currently stands in terms of sustainable employment. We will investigate which activities currently are desired the most and we will support with the implementation of these.
Have we stimulated your interest with are sustainable approach? Please do not hesitate to contact us.